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No Fatties No Feds

Featuring Steven, Casey, Remington, Robert, Nathan, and Derrick J

The Gaynarchists survived a devastating attack on their group this week from someone inside the beltway. Robert Winterton removed every member from the group in an attempt to destroy it, but the one true anarchist Facebook group cannot be defeated so easily. The issue started when Derrick J removed a self-described Federal agent on the basis that he is unapologetically working in the violent sector with the intention to continue indefinitely. Derrick J believes this is unacceptable behavior, especially for a person who is aware of the difference between the peaceful and violent sectors. Since every member is an admin, what standard for acceptance will the members of the Gaynarchist group adopt? What is right? Have your say tonight! On Flaming Freedom! Skype “Flaming.Freedom” or watch the fray unfold below:

Also tonight! Why are ancient statues’ penises so small? Answered! And the Calvin Klein “Flasher” ad — the beginning of the merger of porn and advertising.

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Busting Monopolies with Markets and Competition | Steven Zeiler

Steven Zeiler gave an inspiring speech today at the “Future of Politics” Conference in Oakland, California. He shared three commonly overlooked areas where introducing competition is improving people’s lives: Police, Courts, and Law. These industries are monopolies today, but that is changing thanks to courageous entrepreneurs like Dale Brown of the Detroit-based Threat Management Center. Individuals and businesses are using independent arbitration agencies instead of coercive courts. Even law itself is being replaced by mutually agreeable contracts among multiple parties. Thanks to the internet, instant communication and new ways to exchange value across long distances are possible. Old monopolies are failing, and non-coercive institutions are taking their place.

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Derrick J’s Final Episode of Free Talk Live in Keene

Derrick J’s Bittersweet final episode of Free Talk Live, broadcasted from LRN Studios in Keene, New Hampshire. He joins Ian and Mark in answering live phone calls and discussing the following topics:

Derrick J’s Moving to San Francisco :: Free the Nipple :: Bank Fees :: :: Trump :: Immigration and Language :: Kissing Your Children on the Lips – Weird? :: Yelp Now Allowing Reviews of Govt Agencies :: Koreas Back Down From Brink of War :: Private Property :: Constitution :: HOSTS – Ian, Derrick J, Mark

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DerrickJ Threatened with Arrest for Political Outreach on College Campus

Today I was campaigning for super-activist and 2013 Keene Activist of the Year, James Cleaveland. He was running for State Rep in NH’s Ward 1, District 4. While campaigning at the local Keene State College, where the large majority of his prospective constituents attend school, I was stopped several times by Campus Security apparently for exercising free speech. Who knew talking politics on college campuses was criminal in the US?

After voting at 8am, the day began at Robin Hood Headquarters where I guzzled some coffee and helped tape campaign signs to the Liberty Cruiser.

On the college campus, things went well for about 3 hours until about noon-ish when Amanda from Campus Safety came over and talked to me about soliciting. I told her I wasn’t soliciting and tried to record for clarification, but she ran away from my camera.

Amanda came back again later for Round 2 (this time with papers!), but her magic papers were no match for my live-streaming camera. When she saw it, again she ran.

Campus Safety brought backup this time! Officer Gomez, who calls the Keene Police on me in this video but then retracts it for some reason.

This is the big one: Meeting with campus security inside the 3rd floor office of the Student Center at Keene State College. I went there with the campus safety officer under duress because he told me he would call the police if I didn’t come with him or leave, so I went. Nothing productive came of the conversation, since the college wouldn’t allow me to speak on the campus sidewalk about James Cleaveland, a candidate in the college district.

BONUS! While campaigning, some Keene activists captured a strange sight on video: a parking enforcer pacing angrily back and forth. How much longer can the City of Keene bureaucrats justify this person’s salary?