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World’s Largest Gang Is In Your Town | CopBlock Radio

Last night on CopBlock Radio, DEO called in from jail, a hot CopBlocking Mama makes a stand for a better future, and CopBlock founder Ademo Freeman reveals that the world’s largest gang…is in your town!

Write DEO:
Parma Police/Jail
ATTN: Douglas Odolecki
5555 Powers Blvd
Parma, OH 44129

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Free State Politburo Says NO RECORDING

I called into Free Talk Live last night to voice my concerns that the Free State Politburo was doing the wrong thing by attempting to prevent some media from recording Edward Snowden’s speech while allowing others. It is their right, sure, but it is stupid because it ignores the reality that in 2016, you can’t actually prevent someone from recording. Instead of preventing this peaceful behavior by their attendees, they could have encouraged recording, live-streaming, tweeting, and other forms of social engagement in order to capitalize on the event. They blew it.

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I Went CopBlocking and All I Got Were These Stupid Charges | CopBlock Radio

This week several prominent CopBlockers were arrested for peaceful activism. CopBlock founder Ademo Freeman and compadre Brian Sumner were charged with FELONIES for using chalk outside of a law enforcer headquarters. Their charges were later lowered to misdemeanors for alleged “criminal mischief.” Isn’t it convenient that if law enforcers don’t like your message (for example #BlueLivesMurder), they can just kidnap you, put you in a cage, demand money to release you, and claim that your so-called First Amendment “protected” activity is a crime?

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“Land of the Free? Whoever told you that is your enemy.”

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Activism Audio CopBlock CopBlock Radio Courts Justice Liberty Radio Network LiveStream Networks News Peace Podcast Video

Police Violence Up, People Violence Down | CopBlock Radio

Last night on CopBlock Radio, hosts Derrick J, DEO, and Severin started off the show with a good cop! He was called to a parking lot by a local business owner who complained about some teenagers “loitering.” He explains to them, while taking a relaxed, laid-back “cool guy” lean on his cruiser that he remembers being issued tickets as a young person, and he doesn’t want to be that guy giving young people tickets for stupid stuff like loitering. He asks that they please leave the private property unless they are customers and then takes time for questions. The conversation seems more “I’m on your level making a request” than “I’m your superior, and you will do what I say.” DEO points out that this law enforcer ultimately will use the tickets and the threats and force eventually if pushed, but I am just grateful that he has the decency to at least begin the interaction with a little bit of acknowledgement of the others’ humanity.


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DEO Arrested for Recording Police – LIVE from Parma, OH

DEO is arrested before the show for recording the police. He makes it back to his place in time enough to do most of the show and recap what happened. Also featured in this episode: remembering John Crawford III in a continent-wide day of protest, especially in Beavercreek, OH where he was killed. One activist broadcast messages with a laser onto the Walmart where police murdered John Crawford one year ago that day.

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Audio LiveStream News Peace News Now Podcast Video

Arrested for Recording Police | Peace News | 2015-01-01

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Recording Bad Cops Outside Jail

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 3.39.55 PMThis Friday was an eventful night. First, a man was arrested for honking his horn in support of activists. Then, my friends and I are threatened with arrest while trying to bail him out. He’s now sitting in jail for the weekend, and his car was impounded. The tow truck man accepted an offer by an activist to pay to tow the guy’s car to his home, but the police threatened to revoke the tow truck man’s contract with the city if he did.

The whole idea about police is that “society” gives up some rights and freedoms to a small group of people in order to gain some safety. The problem is that the people who are willing to give up their freedoms are already well behaved, and the people who behave badly are attracted to power. This arrangement turns a populations of good people into easy prey for tyrants, knowingly or unknowingly. Illustrated here:

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Blessings Justice

What to Know Filming Police

Hey *****,

I recommend the books, Why Peace (edited by Marc Guttman), The Most Dangerous Superstition (Larken Rose), and Adventures in Legal Land (Marc Stevens).


– Negative outcomes:
– Arrest and charges, facing time in a concrete cell, loss of freedom, separation from family, fees, criminal record, trial (motions, hearings, bench trial, jury trial, appeal, grand, supreme…blah blah lots of court)

– The possible benefits of filming the police are:
– An objective record of what is happening at a certain place in time and space, and vindication.

– Everyone should choose for himself whether or not he is going to film at any given time. It’s not something only activists do, and it’s not something activists always do. Dave Ridley, a popular New Hampshire video blogger and Right to Record activist has backed down on several occasions when pressured by law enforcers.

The key is to Record in a time and place of your choosing. Dave backed down those times so that he could come back and return with more support, and make a bigger message — frame it YOUR way on YOUR terms instead of on THEIR terms. That’s the best way to film police — offensively, but peacefully.

The other way to record is defensively. For example, you’re pulled over in your car. You should absolutely film that interaction. It is up to you whether or not you wish to inform the officer he or she is on camera. (I’ve never been informed that I was on their dash cam). Some people think it’s polite to inform them. I don’t do it unless it’s “required” by law.

The important thing to know is that filming the police can be dangerous. This is because video is the best tool which today anyone can use to shine a spotlight on the violence inherent in the system. That is very dangerous to the status quo. It means police behavior will have to change. That men who wear guns and batches could be held accountable for his actions at any moment. Police don’t want that. They want to control you. They want to have absolute authority to do what they want and get away with it. Cameras interfere with that. So yes, expect resistance. But obviously, this is a very important endeavor.


If I can be of any more help to you, *—-*, let me know. I hope to see the final product of what you produce when you’re finished.

Yours in peace,


On Apr 2, 2013, at 6:56 AM, *JOE SMITH* <> wrote:

I am writing an essay about filming police officers. What books/articles do you recommend? I am trying to answer the following questions:

-What are the possible benefits of filming police?
-What are possible negative outcomes of filming police?
-Should only activists film police? If not, why should anyone else do it?

If you could respond to these questions, I would be very grateful. I would include your words as an “e-mail interview,” and cite you accordingly.

Thanks for your time,