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Ross Ulbricht Guilty on All Charges, Satoshi Roundtable, BitLicense Announced!

Satoshi Roundtable Coindesk on Satoshi Roundtable YEAH! Introducing CopBlock Protection! (We Accept Bitcoin!) Ross Ulbricht Found Guilty of All 7 Charges ButtLicense BitLicense Announced If you find Derrick J’s content valuable, please send your bitcoin donations to: 1PEACE1yXxAvhnHxpYLFWiRu2A9rSxnkwG

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Bitcoin Goes Bilderberg?

Tonight on Free Talk Live I shared the news about Satoshi Roundtable — a private gathering of 50 of the world’s top bitcoin movers and shakers. Is it an evil cabal plotting world domination or an honest retreat for entrepreneurs? I think it’s the latter. Listen to tonight’s episode to learn why! Plus, did Ross […]

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Derrick J on NYC FOX TV

Reposted from Ian Freeman of Derrick J Freeman and more than a dozen activists, many from NH, were in front of the Manhattan federal district court yesterday. Not only did they make news, they also got to judge to threaten the entire courtroom! More on that in a later post. For now here’s FOX […]

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Live Update from the Silk Road Trial | World Crypto Network

At the conclusion of day 1 of the Ross Ulbricht Trial, John Bush gives a live recap of what went down inside the courthouse. I livestreamed from my phone for the World Crypto Network and also uploaded high quality videos on my youtube channel. Livestream: Day 1, Recap Part 1: Day 1, Recap Part 2: […]

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Tom Woods Interviews Derrick J on Ross Ulbricht Silk Road Trial

I was honored to be a guest on the Tom Woods Show podcast recently. We discussed the facts surrounding the trial of the decade: USA v Ross Ulbricht. Ross faces life in prison for victimless crimes stemming from his participation with the website Silk Road, an online black marketplace where people bought and sold drugs […]

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Follow the Yellow Silk Road

Download Podcast Audio Derrick J and MK Lords discuss: Feen Phone Extending Life Jeremy England Theorizes on The Origins of Life Egyptian Student Jailed for Proclaiming His Atheism on Facebook (Jailing him for that is so SQUARE!) Silk Road Trial Silk Road Copycats Police Furious After Citizens Engage in a New Form of Crowd-Funded Direct Action […]

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Free Silk Road Admins | Bitcoin Talk Show #23 | Aug 27, 2014

Direct Podcast Audio Download Link $512.78 – Bitcoin Average