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Miss Piggy Goes to Hollywood

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: iTunes | RSS Nick’s new piggies Derrick J. Freeman, Davi Barker and Nick Hazelton yak about useful Hollywood tropes of self-referentialism, pigs (the good kind), James Cleveland hijacked by highwaymen (the bad kind), “taking the ball”, dropping out of school and avoiding imprints of authority. Also, we […]

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Rise Up and Drop Out of School

Journalist Threatened By Cop Openly on Facebook :: Challenging the Panhandling Ordinance :: Targeting the Homeless :: Virgil to go to Court :: Solitary Confinement for 37 Years Over Facebook Posts :: Violent Fantasy :: Private Prisons :: The Truth About College :: Lazy Teachers :: College Degrees :: Law School :: Derrick Recommends Sisters […]

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Don’t Stay in School

My little sisters are in 7th grade. They’re good students. They work hard, they lead group projects, and they spend hours each night on homework. Tonight, I sent them an email encouraging to drop out. I wish someone had done this for me. Both of my parents worked in government schools as teachers and administrators […]