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So, a gay guy and a Scottish guy walk into a bar…


wormsMayChaseYou…and they miss each other because they forget to synchronize their watches or account for Daylight Savings Time. But the Freedom Feens are a freedom-scented candle you can just leave on in the corner of the room.

Derrick J and Dan Greene finally get on the radio together after a rocky start and yack about liberty, pizza, and why Morrissey is a bit of a fascist. A good time is had by all, except Michael Dean who was home listening and panicking for the first segment on his night off.

Derrick J and Dan Greene have an uncomfortable blind date over the air. They talk about politically-inclined pop stars, joke politicians, libertarian love, and why monarchs are the ultimate welfare queens.

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Teacher Refuses to Give State Test | Free Talk Live | Sept 22, 2014

Scotland Secession Vote Fraud :: Cop Shot Raiding Home :: Could New Hampshire Secede Next? :: Republican Bigots :: Old Statists Dying Off :: ISIS :: Tommy from Glasgow Answers Questions About Scottish Secession :: Huge UN Waste :: James in AZ Gets to Mark :: Teacher Refuses to Give State Test :: Teaching to the Test :: Police Domestic Abuse :: Attraction to Power


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