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Nobody is Straight Anymore, New Study Finds – Flaming Freedom

Science confirms what we already knew: everybody is gay! What does this mean for your sex life? Answered on this episode of Flaming Freedom, the Queerest Generation!

We also played “Guess the Disney Prince (Based on His Grindr Profile)”, laughed at Hillary-loving Morrissey getting ass-fingered by the TSA, watched some gays get refused a marriage license in Kentucky, talked about the new Mike Tyson bitcoin machine, and voted for Deez Nuts.

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Audio Flaming Freedom LiveStream Podcast Video

Government Handjobs, Teen BDSM, and Gay Anarchists

Cohost Lauren recounts her nightmarish experience traveling within the borders of the US, thanks to the TSA. They found something they weren’t expecting when they touched her private areas. Then they demanded to see her naked. Plus! Handjobs for the disabled, and is your kinky teen a future serial killer?

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Don’t Strip Our Rights!

Liberty Rapsher filmed and edited this of Kelly Voluntaryist and me protesting the TSA at the Manchester Airport in our underwear. Enjoy!


Don’t Strip Our Rights Centerfolds