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Coinbase $75M, Silk Road Trial, Bill Gates, Winklevoss Exchange | The Bitcoin Group #63

The American Original… The Bitcoin Group takes on the biggest bitcoin news of the week: Coinbase receives the largest-ever seed capital for a bitcoin company, the Silk Road Trial progresses, Bill Gates says bitcoin isn’t that great, and the Winklevoss vie for their spot as “first bitcoin exchange”. Will they get it? No! All that, and more, on the Bitcoin Group!


Coinbase, a Bitcoin Start-Up, Raises $75 Million in Vote of Confidence

Silk Road Trial (1)
Silk Road Trial (2)

Bill Gates: Bitcoin alone is not enough

Winklevoss Twins Aim to Take Bitcoin Mainstream

Then Questions and Answers from the Audience! And Predictions!

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The Bitcoin Group #26 | Wikipedia Unsure

Wikipedia Unsure – Amazon/Walmart Say No – Szabo – Dogecoin – Gas Stations

Streamed live on Apr 18, 2014

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Featuring….. Davi Barker (, Will Pangman (, Chris J (, Derrick J. Freeman (, M.K. Lords (, Kristov Atlas (, and Thomas Hunt (


Issue 1 — Wikipedia unsure about Bitcoin Donations — This just makes no sense. Much like the EFF who years ago was “unsure” about Bitcoin, so they refused their donations, only to accept them later when they were much more valuable. Should Wikipedia accept Bitcoin Donations? Play devil’s advocate, is there any reason for them to refuse? Does this make any sense? —…

Issue 2 — Amazon says No to Bitcoin, Walmart says No to Gyft — Tough week for Bitcoin and retail as Gyft had to retract their Walmart gift card service and Amazon flat out said no, citing “lack of customer demand”. Walmart is famously suing Visa over swipe fees and Amazon used to be a technology company — why would they both — say No to Bitcoin?…

Issue 3 — Mainstream Media wakes up to Szabo lingustic evidence story. The Who is Satoshi Nakamoto story is back again, the media will never give this one up. This time they’ve got Nick Szabo, who at the very least participated in the white paper — but does that make him Satoshi Nakamoto? Does the media have their man?…

Issue 4 — Dogecon, Gas Stations should accept Bitcoin and Ron Paul doesn’t think Bitcoin is “real money” — What’s more exciting for Bitcoin? The Dogecon — the world’s first alt coin convention going off Next Friday April 25th in San Francisco — Gas Stations that should accept Bitcoin — especially given the excellent development of the Bitcoin accepting Gas Pump by hero engineer Andy Schroder — or Ron Paul, the old goldbug who doesn’t get it. The Revolution he always dreamed of right at hand and he can’t understand it because he’s too old to email. — Ron, the Doge or Gas Stations Should Accept Bitcoin, which is a more exciting development for Bitcoin? —………

then Questions and Answers from the Audience!

and Predictions!

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