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Ross Ulbricht Guilty on All Charges, Satoshi Roundtable, BitLicense Announced!

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Live Update from the Silk Road Trial | World Crypto Network

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At the conclusion of day 1 of the Ross Ulbricht Trial, John Bush gives a live recap of what went down inside the courthouse. I livestreamed from my phone for the World Crypto Network and also uploaded high quality videos on my youtube channel.


Day 1, Recap Part 1:

Day 1, Recap Part 2:

Unfortunately, this video is all that I captured. The judge threatened to sequester the jury if demonstrations continued outside the courthouse, and Lyn Ulbricht (Ross’ mom) asked me to stop. So I went home. Sad.

PayPal, Square Integrate Bitcoin | BTS #27 | Sept 24, 2014

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Free Bitcoins for Entire Country | Bitcoin Talk Show #24 | Sept 3, 2014

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World Crypto Network Town Hall #3

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The World Crypto Network aims to be the first ever DAO (Distributed Automated Organization). It’s a network of youtubers who broadcast news, commentary, and entertainment about bitcoin. Members can join from anywhere in the world. We share funds using a 6 of 7 multi-signature wallet. All of our operations happen in public on YouTube and Reddit, so we are each accountable for all of our actions. Learn more at WorldCryptoNetwork.com