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FBI LIES, Invents “National Liberation Militia” Threat, Blames Anarchists

UPDATE: Oh, look. Nothing happened.

Not ONE reported incident or article about the so-called “National Liberation Militia.” Could that be because the FBI invented stories about a non-existent group?



Ever heard of the “National Liberation Militia”? Neither had I…

until a post on Facebook by Larkin Rose explained:

Warning: The FBI just completely MADE UP a group called the “National Liberation Militia,” which it pretends exists,…

Posted by Larken Rose on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I’ve never heard of this group. That’s not to say that it couldn’t exist, but all signs here point to “FBI fabrication.” Don’t take my word for it. Go ahead and Google “National Liberation Militia” for yourself. Nothing but articles referencing the FBI’s warning from this week. No internet presence, no message boards, no blogs, no Facebook groups, no record of anything whatsoever. They were just invented, and the only people who know about them is the FBI. O-kay.

FBI Foils FBI Terror Plot

Furthermore, think about the group name. The FBI wants you to believe that a group of ANARCHISTS are going to call themselves something with the word “National” in it. Anarchists are for the abolition of the state. Do you think they want to live under the banner of “National” anything? No.

terrorismThis is fear mongering, plain and simple: “Be afraid, wherever you are. On Halloween night, there will be people in masks!” Cops (who are already living in an environment of constant fear largely of their own creation) will now be on *extra* high alert. Regular folks who read this story will digest it and confirm the biases already propagandized into their heads: “be afraid” – “group of anarchists” – “bricks and bottles and guns” – “report suspicious activity” – “trust the government.”

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As soon as I read this article, I could tell is was BS. I’m for peace, and I have dedicated my life to spreading the idea of the Non-aggression Principle. I have hosted radio shows, podcasts, and created hundreds of YouTube videos sharing anarchist ideas; surely I would have encountered this group by now if they existed. I would have called on them to drop the violence, as I have others in the past who have called into my shows calling for violence.

In the age of information, you reading this have the tools at your disposal to determine that the government is lying to youagain — to make you afraid of your neighbor. More specifically, to give you scary thoughts in your subconscious when you hear the word “anarchist.” Don’t be fooled. You are smarter than to believe something simply because the FBI said it. They’ve lied countless times before, and all indications are that they are lying now.

Police Trap

To what end? Well, law enforcers are not too popular right now. They’ve been killing members of the public with impunity. They seem to be on a power-hungry murderous rampage, and there isn’t anything that seems to be able to stop them or bring justice. People are mad that they have to pay for an organization that ruins their lives and cages their family for harmless victimless crimes such as marijuana. The war on drugs is an unquestionable failure, but guess who keeps enforcing it? Sure, they have discretion. They could choose *not* to ruin your life by enforcing bad laws, but law enforcers willingly choose to use their power for evil, and people know it.

The government needs to pit the ruling class against the rest of us. They are drumming up a war at home the way they drum up wars abroad because once they get people fighting, they know how to control them. Don’t fall for it. Violence will not solve complex social problems. The world needs philosophy and peace. Be creative, think critically, and by now it should be abundantly clear: don’t trust the government.

Remember what the FBI said about Martin Luther King, Jr?

He [King] could be a real contender for this position [of ‘black messiah’] should he abandon his supposed ‘obedience’ to ‘white liberal doctrines’ (non-violence) and embrace black nationalism.

Through counter-intelligence it should be possible to
pinpoint potential trouble-makers and neutralize them

fearless_FBI_7001-300x300This is training. These fictional stories, sent by the FBI to the conglomerated news outlets, are propaganda. They are conditioning on a mass scale to prepare the population to accept the assassinations of anarchists. By inventing an enemy called the National Liberation Militia, this secretive and malicious group of armed government bureaucrats is inventing a justification to further restrict the rights of people at home and turn North America into a war zone like the ones they created in the Middle East.

Who cares what I think? Read this article for by Judge Andrew Napolitano titled, “The FBI Used to Have Integrity. Now Agents Lie, Cheat, and Break the Law

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