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What is the “Deep State”?

Tonight I hosted Free Talk Live, a national call-in radio show broadcast live on over 200 stations plus satellite. Many of the calls focussed on the “Deep State” — but what does that mean?

Show topics:
Salon Owners Opening Against Governor’s Orders :: People Should Push Back :: Emergency Orders Unconstitutional :: Deep State :: Free Press Frustrations :: Four Steps to Destabilize a Nation :: Government compared to Car Companies :: Scott the Bigot :: Oil Below Zero :: Central Banks :: Bitcoin vs Government :: Twetch :: More Freedom Coming? :: Dallas Salone Heroine

HOSTS – Ian, Mark, Derrick J

Here is the video from that episode, plus my notes from the callers below:

Abbreviated Episode (Audio Only):

Full Episode (Audio Only):

Caller Mike in Brunswick, Maine:
“Can’t trust newspapers, the deep state is controlling them.”

Caller Dave in New York:
“Operation Mockingbird quote from director : ‘We will know our mission is complete when everything the American public believes is false.'”

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“Love it or leave it.”

Caller Dave in Michigan:
Complains about Governor bitch banning seeds and stuff going stir crazy

Caller John:
Thinks trump is great

Caller Sam in Washington:
Tells us to look up Yuri Bejmenov (KGB subversion expert defected in 1970s) who did videos at UC Berkley about the 4 steps:

Demoralize (pornography)
Destabilize (people don’t talk to each other)
Crisis (what is happening now)
Normalization (cementing the “new normal”)

Caller Robert:
General Motors was run with top-down, and that was good.

Caller “Scott the Bigot” in Miami:
Racist stuff against Jews controlling the media and international banking.

Caller JT in Pennsylvania:
How oil can go below zero, South Africa sending 70k troops to keep people down.

Caller Bob:
Makes us all Senators (no thanks!)

Caller Ed in New Mexico:
Central banks are the worst, private, not government, would that even be better if they were?

Caller JJ in Dalton, Georgia:
“Deep State” is part of the establishment

Caller Steven Zeiler from Portsmouth, New Hampshire:, social media, and the deep state deleting and controlling things

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You can’t travel and there are FEMA camps in the Mariana that quarantine people, having less freedom after this event

Caller Robert in Myrtle Beach:
Question about “digital assets,” content creator, tokenize real estate

Caller Dave:
“We are vectors for a disease,” he wears a paper bag over his head with two slits for eyes, recommends it for everyone

Caller Kenneth:
Federal Reserve — is it part of the government?

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