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Moscow Motorists Protest Putin

Protesting Putin’s run in the upcoming March 4th elections, about 150 motorists and 2,000 street protesters gathered in Moscow to show discontent with the regime. They rode in cars adorned with ribbons and balloons to compete with a pro-Putin rally held earlier in the day.

Vladimir Putin was president of Russia from 2000-2008. Due to constitutional restrictions, he was not able to run for a 3rd consecutive term, but instead has ruled as Prime Minister since 2008. Now running for Presidential re-election for his 3rd non-consecutive term, he could potentially rule until 2024, Reuters reports.

The article continued, “Opponents say state workers are pressured to attend pro-Putin rallies with a combination of threats and payments and that police exaggerate the size of the crowds while underestimating the size of opposition protests.”

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