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Porcfest ForkFest Day Three – On the Radio

Day Three of Porcfest + ForkFest featured two interviews: One on Freedoms Phoenix with Ernest Hancock (audio here), and one on Free Talk Live with Ian Freeman.

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John Adams Would Have Defended Derek Chauvin

Here are some notes from my call to Free Talk Live tonight. I typed these out before my call and used them to organize my thoughts and get the most out of my short time on the air:

Hey life is good here in peaceful Portsmouth, New Hampshire. People are out and having parties and the businesses are serving customers and nothing is burning. Great place to be if you love freedom.

Dr. Dimento rocks. 

That last caller is incorrect that everyone agrees the guy was in the wrong. It’s easy in hindsight to say that because we know what happened. But in the moment, there’s no way they could have known that the guy was going to die.

Mark is wrong that it’s just happening at random

There was a store that had a big sign that said “This is a black owned business” and they passed it by.

What would it be like if someone put up a sign that said, “This is a White Owned business” and they passed that by and destroyed the others? What would we say about that?

John Adams defended the redcoats involved in the Boston Massacre

Ian is wrong that the cops knew they were doing murder. I know I have a bias against cops, but I value justice and truth above painting the world in my bias, so let’s think about this:

Ian say the cop with his knee on the guy’s neck knew he was murdering that suspect, and the 3 other cops standing by or helping also knew that a murder was taking place. 

I say it is more likely that they didn’t know they were murdering him.

Why would he do that in that way?

With a body camera on and recording, in broad daylight with people recording, knowing it would destroy his life?

Boy, it’s great that people recognize Agents Provocateur because that happens – it’s very bad. It’s important for people to record because they do lie and it’s harder to lie when there is video. It’s good that everyone is getting video. It’s really wrong that these people are stealing and I think they should be identified and brought to justice because stealing is wrong and looting has no place in a civilized society.

Ian said there would be more liberty if the cops never came back and honestly, I don’t know about that. It could be the case if it was a philosophical revolution where people had ideas they were fighting for, but the reality is they don’t. They just feel like, there are no consequences for doing crime, so let’s do it! There’s not more liberty in that situation, where people have no reasonable expectation that their business or property is safe.

A collapsed state is not the same thing as libertarian paradise. It’s more freedom but less liberty, in the short term.

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Good Barbers Disobey Bad Laws – Free Talk Live

Libertarians Holding Online Convention to Nominate Presidential Candidate :: COVID in Prison :: Forkfest Two Weeks? :: New Hampshire Protests :: Joe Biden Knows Who is Black :: Escaping Politics :: New Orleans Crackdown :: Mark and Derrick Giving Up, Changing Strategy :: Reopening :: Obedient People :: People Standing Up :: Mass Barber Civil Disobedience :: HOSTS – Ian, Mark, Derrick J

0:49:00 – Jerome, Charlston South Carolina
Joe Biden “You Ain’t Black” accused of rape, deferments, avoiding war, patriotism

0:54:00 – Johnathan in New Orleans
Donald Trump bankruptcies, Presidents are not elected, they are selected, the uselessness of politics

1:07:00 – Andrew in Pensacola Florida
Just got back from New Orleans, everything is closed, Marti Gras for 2021, everything closed, nothing to do, wanted name and number before could go into restaurant

1:11:00 – Changing strategies for Liberty in Our Lifetime

1:20:00 – Graham says in Michigan

1:23:00 – Mark in Charleston, South Carolina
30 day executive order – can Governors do whatever they want, or can the legislature stop them

1:25:00 – Mary Lu in Talahassee Florida
All the beaches are open, the places are open, Macys, “It’s rocking.” People are wearing masks. 

1:33:00 – Steven Zeiler
New Hampshire Freedom Festival June 22 – July 5

1:48:00 – Steven Zeiler
Bitcoin Pizza Day. Serving each other in the market. Building the Space Disco dome.

1:56:00 – Jeff Port Orange Florida
First Batman Movie with Jack Nicholson poisoned all the toiletries and cosmetics and no one could use them. First thing they closed down in Plannedemic.

2:07:00 – Mike in Maine,
Rick Savage from Sunday River Brew Pub stood up and said, “No more!”

2:14:00 – New listener in Milton
Driving around listening says, Stick to the Constitution 

2:20:00 – Barbershop protest in Michigan and limiting damage from government goons

2:36:00 – Cops issued tickets at a protest and walked away at barbershops

2:48:00 – David in New Mexico
The Constitution, Article 2, Within 7 days of declaring lockdown that the Governor has to consult the legislature

2:52:00 – Gene the Christian Anarchist
Twitter sanctioned one of his tweets a link to ZeroHedge article

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Peaceful Parenting Call Sparks Conversation on Free Talk Live

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Making Mistakes and Taking the Consequences

This week I joined the Punk Rock Libertarians Podcast to give a retrospective on the “activism” I did almost a decade ago. That word, “activism,” is repulsive to me now. Then, it meant I was “doing something.” It probably sounded like a joke to everyone else like it sounds like a joke to me now when others use it to describe their stupid, pointless protests and marches.

Pretty much the opposite of action.

Don’t mistake my attitude for bitterness. But I was 21 during the “Victimless Crime Spree.” What were you like when you were 21? I am more mature now, I have learned what works and what doesn’t, and my example shows that civil disobedience is a pretty poor way to truly increase one’s personal freedom.

It’s a long, uncharted slog to the promised land of Ancapistan. In this episode, you get the benefit of learning how you can truly increase freedom in your personal life while minimizing risk. Enjoy!

It’s been long enough, and I have been well-behaved enough, that I got all my charges annulled last year. It cost about $100 to wipe away 16 or so charges because the State of NH was good enough to give me a bulk discount (I’m not kidding).

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What is the “Deep State”?

Tonight I hosted Free Talk Live, a national call-in radio show broadcast live on over 200 stations plus satellite. Many of the calls focussed on the “Deep State” — but what does that mean?

Show topics:
Salon Owners Opening Against Governor’s Orders :: People Should Push Back :: Emergency Orders Unconstitutional :: Deep State :: Free Press Frustrations :: Four Steps to Destabilize a Nation :: Government compared to Car Companies :: Scott the Bigot :: Oil Below Zero :: Central Banks :: Bitcoin vs Government :: Twetch :: More Freedom Coming? :: Dallas Salone Heroine

HOSTS – Ian, Mark, Derrick J

Here is the video from that episode, plus my notes from the callers below:

Abbreviated Episode (Audio Only):

Full Episode (Audio Only):

Caller Mike in Brunswick, Maine:
“Can’t trust newspapers, the deep state is controlling them.”

Caller Dave in New York:
“Operation Mockingbird quote from director : ‘We will know our mission is complete when everything the American public believes is false.'”

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“Love it or leave it.”

Caller Dave in Michigan:
Complains about Governor bitch banning seeds and stuff going stir crazy

Caller John:
Thinks trump is great

Caller Sam in Washington:
Tells us to look up Yuri Bejmenov (KGB subversion expert defected in 1970s) who did videos at UC Berkley about the 4 steps:

Demoralize (pornography)
Destabilize (people don’t talk to each other)
Crisis (what is happening now)
Normalization (cementing the “new normal”)

Caller Robert:
General Motors was run with top-down, and that was good.

Caller “Scott the Bigot” in Miami:
Racist stuff against Jews controlling the media and international banking.

Caller JT in Pennsylvania:
How oil can go below zero, South Africa sending 70k troops to keep people down.

Caller Bob:
Makes us all Senators (no thanks!)

Caller Ed in New Mexico:
Central banks are the worst, private, not government, would that even be better if they were?

Caller JJ in Dalton, Georgia:
“Deep State” is part of the establishment

Caller Steven Zeiler from Portsmouth, New Hampshire:, social media, and the deep state deleting and controlling things

ForkFest ad – Will Anypay be there, dome, party, etc?

You can’t travel and there are FEMA camps in the Mariana that quarantine people, having less freedom after this event

Caller Robert in Myrtle Beach:
Question about “digital assets,” content creator, tokenize real estate

Caller Dave:
“We are vectors for a disease,” he wears a paper bag over his head with two slits for eyes, recommends it for everyone

Caller Kenneth:
Federal Reserve — is it part of the government?

Links to stories from today’s show:

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Agents of the State Pretend to be Teen Girls to Find Tinder Dates

Bitcoin and Millionaires :: Ernie’s TSA Adventure :: Sheriffs Masquerading as Teens Online :: Venezuela Money Situation :: Anypay :: HOSTS – Ian, Steven, Derrick J.

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I Got Stopped for Open Carry in Portsmouth + Space Disco

Derrick J open carrying in Portsmouth :: Opiates & addiction :: the end of opiates? :: shrooms :: various psychedelics :: space disco :: making crypto accessible :: unite the right rally :: Europe and Muslim immigration :: TMI about opiates :: MDMA is better than war :: Hosts – Aria, Derrick, Ian.

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Derrick J on Free Talk Live Covering Vermin Supreme and Caller’s Skeletons in Closet

Live Episode Aired Feb 26, 2019

Derrick J Returns :: Victimless Crime Spree :: Vermin Supreme :: Forkfest Rave Tent Planned :: Vice Movie :: College Scam :: :: Bitcoin Saves a Venezuelan Family :: Civil Disobedience :: Bitcoin Mining :: HOSTS – Ian, Derrick J, Johnson

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Derrick J Interviewed at Liberty Forum 2019

Derrick J Freeman of and was recently interviewed on “Destination Unknown” with Vin Armani and Dave Butler live from Liberty Forum 2019. It was a great interview, so I cut it out of their recent fifteen hours of broadcasting from Liberty Forum 2019 in Manchester, NH. You can see the full 15 hour broadcast here.

Here’s their interview with Derrick J: