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Audio: DerrickJ Hosts the Angel Clark Show

Derrick J is a media producer with a penchant for peaceful resistance to tyranny. After serving 60 days of a 540-day sentence for engaging in a “Victimless Crime Spree,” he moved back to Philadelphia where he now produces a daily 5-minute news report on the peaceful evolution happening around the globe. Learn more about Derrick J from his free documentary at

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Peace News Now

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Positive News Stories Derrick Talked About On The Show

Federal Reserve hacked
US central bank confirms intrusion after hacktivist group Anonymous was claimed to have stolen 4,000 bankers’ details

Gun Buyback Met With Competition In Bensalem

Global pre-paid wireless minutes. Face value. Fiat free.

The Free State Project’s 10th Annual Porcupine Freedom Festival

Dr. Benjamin Carson’s Amazing Speech at the National Prayer Breakfast with Obama Present

Mayor of Bristol supports his city by taking salary in local currency

IBM puts supercomputer to work on cancer

Youtube is censoring Rebel Inc.

Keenevention 2013 November 1st, 2nd, & 3rd

Philly Liberty Activist Kidnapped, Facing 10 Charges & $35k Bail, All Victimless Crimes

‘No more Pope’: Femen activists get naked in Notre Dame to mark Pope’s resignation

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Derrick J on Freedom Feens & Peace Love Liberty Radio


This weekend, I have had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with some wonderful people. First, Ernie Hancock of had me on his radio program to talk about the release of my movie, Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree on DVD. You can listen to that interview (without commercials) below!


Next I sat down with Darryl W. Perry of Peace Love Liberty Radio to discuss my latest project, Peace News Now. We also got into some of the most surprising parts of the “Crime Spree.” Listen and enjoy below:


Finally, I was delighted to be invited to participate in the Live Sunday Call-in show for the Freedom Feens with Neema Vedadi and Michael W. Dean. Those guys always crack me up. We had a hilarious discussion where I covered (of course) Victimless Crime Spree as well as Peace News Now. This show is unusual, however, in that it is the first and only time that I have publicly explained my situation with Adam Kokesh. What do YOU think? Enjoy!

(Click here to listen to the Freedom Feens episode)


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DerrickJ on Freedoms Phoenix Radio

I recently sat down with Ernie Hancock of to discuss my latest movie, Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree, now out on DVD!

2013-02-07 Hour 2 Derrick J Freeman from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

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Subscribe to Peace News Now on YouTube!

For the last month, I’ve been delighted to produce what I believe is the best daily 5-minute newscast anywhere. You’ve heard it on LRN.FM, but have you subscribed yet? Subscribing to Peace News Now is easy, cool, and free.

To subscribe on YouTube, just click this link.

Or, if you prefer audio only, you can subscribe on iTunes by clicking this link.

Below is the latest episode of Peace News Now. I usually include at least one story emanating from the Shire in each episode of PNN. This episode features James Cleaveland of FreeKeene’s Robin Hood fame. Enjoy!

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Kokesh Censors, DerrickJ Exposes

Adam Kokesh is now claiming that I am an extortionist and is deleting posts by others that expose the truth. While Kokesh censors you, I will never delete a comment on my facebook page, youtube channel, or website. If you haven’t already done so, read for yourself the email exchange in which Adam offers $450 in bitcoin.

Activism AVTM Justice Networks News

Adam Kokesh Commits Fraud on Camera, Emails

Below are the last email exchanges I had with Adam Kokesh. Things in {brackets} have been removed for privacy. It is clear from this exchange that 1) he owes me $450 in bitcoin (31.6 BTC) as of January 11th, and 2) he came up with the number $450 himself.


———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Derrick J AVTM <>

Date: Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 1:38 PM

Subject: Re: Compensation

To: Adam Kokesh <>

Oh and please let me know which method you choose so that I know to check for it. Thanks again. Peace.


On Jan 11, 2013, at 1:18 PM, Derrick J AVTM <> wrote:

Thank you 🙂  Payment method is your choice. My preference is Bitcoin.

My current mailing address is:

Mr. Derrick J Freeman

{Mailing address removed}

Of course, promoting alternatives to the Federal Reserve with each transaction is awesome, so Bitcoin is my preferred method of payment, but I accept all.

My BTC address is: 1LWbam6HqFWzo2sYHzhbJwiMTkk6Win17d


Yours in liberty,

Derrick J. Freeman


PS: Do you use PGP encryption? If so, here’s my public PGP Key for my address, in case you ever want to communicate more privately in the future.

{PGP key removed}


On Jan 11, 2013, at 1:10 PM, Adam Kokesh <> wrote:

I think you’re worth a lot more than that, but I failed to capitalize it fully while you were here! Address? Or would you like the $450 converted to bitcoins?


On Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 7:23 AM, Derrick J AVTM <> wrote:

I proposed $950 because I think I’m worth it.

If $450 is your max, I’ll take it.


Yours in liberty,

Derrick J. Freeman


ADAM VS THE MAN Newscast Producer


On Jan 11, 2013, at 12:58 AM, Adam Kokesh <> wrote:

Based on your actual commission numbers, $450 is already high. But I might have a legit salaried position available for you involved with the podcast if you can commit to 8 mos and tolerate being tied to Herndon again!


On Thu, Jan 10, 2013 at 7:22 PM, Derrick J AVTM <> wrote:

$450 is a nice offer, but it seems a little low. Can you do $950?

Derrick J. Freeman



On Jan 10, 2013, at 5:13 PM, Adam Kokesh <> wrote:

So somewhere between $210 and $1340? We never mentioned an hourly rate. I meant an estimate of the value of 2 bitcoins, plus your projected commissions, simple as that! How about I send you a check for $450 and we call it even?


On Thu, Jan 10, 2013 at 10:27 AM, Derrick J AVTM <> wrote:

Hey Adam,

Thanks for getting back to me on my emails from last week.

In your email, you say you are “happy to go by an estimate from prior times and round up.” If what you meant by “propose your accounting for what would close out our agreement,” was, “Provide for me (Adam) an estimate of the total value of your work for which you have not yet been paid,” then I would estimate that figure to be $1,340. (Calculations are below.)

Bitcoin is my highly preferred method of payment. It’s instant, secure, and private. If you don’t have bitcoin, PayPal is next preferred because at least it’s (relatively) instant (3 business days to turn into cash). A personal check would be acceptable as payment, but I would like some extra compensation for the inconvenience of the waiting period, since my compensation will be a week late as of tomorrow, and with the mail and banks processing periods, I won’t see the money for another week at least.

I have made these calculations as clear as possible. I prefer Option #1. I am being rather generous in estimating my value at the minimum wage level and at estimating the room rental at $600 a month. I also worked for more than 12 hours on some days, even verging on 18-hour days on occasion. Because of my tireless efforts, quality work, and consistently positive attitude, payment based on Option #2 would be deeply insulting, to be open and honest with you. If I have made any errors, please let me know.

Yours in liberty,

Derrick J. Freeman


PS: As of my writing of this email Thursday morning (Jan 10th), I have not yet received the 2 bitcoin payment for cohosting / producing the evenings of December 17th and 18th. Of course, these should be added to the total.




COMPENSATION CALCULATION #1 – Calculating earnings hourly at minimum wage and set rent at $600 / mo


* Generously calling that one-room rental a $600/mo rental.  (based on recent craigslist ad for something comparable:

* Putting pay at minimum wage of $8/hr


Nov 4 – Dec 4 : Working 12-hour days (8:30am to 8:30pm) on weekdays and 0 hours on weekends yields 240 hours worked in a month

(240 hours) * (8 dollars)  =  $1,920 gross pay for month (Nov 4 – Dec 4) of work.

$1,920 minus $600 (room rental for one month)   =   $1,320 net pay

Dec 5 – Dec 18: Working 4-hour days on weekdays and 0 hours on weekends yields 40 hours worked in 2 weeks.

(40 hours) * (8 dollars) =  $320 gross pay for last 2 weeks (Dec 5 – Dec 18) of work.

$320 minus $300 (room rental for 2 weeks) =  $20 net for 2 weeks of work

$1,320 plus $20 = $1,340

Total owed to me = $1,340, or 96.3 bitcoins





COMPENSATION CALCULATION #2 – Calculating this month’s earnings based on growth from last month’s (Oct 4 – Nov 4) payment of $80 and leave rent variable.


* Making rent a variable cost.

* Assumes a payment growth of 150% from last month

* Paid $80 for last month of work


150% * $80 = $120 for month of work (Nov 4 – Dec 4)

Nov 4 – Dec 4 : Working 12-hour days (8:30am to 8:30pm) on weekdays and 0 hours on weekends yields 240 hours worked in a month

The hourly rate for this pay equals $0.50 an hour.

Assuming that the money I am not paid went toward rent, that means rent costs $1,800 a month, or 1600% of my take-home pay.

150% * ($120) = $180

$180 / 2 (only 2 weeks of work, not a month) = $90

$120 + $90 = $210


Total owed to me = $210, or 15 bitcoins


On Jan 10, 2013, at 4:48 AM, Adam Kokesh <> wrote:

Sorry for the delayed response. My bad about the last two coins. Thought you got those. I’m happy to go by an estimate from prior times and round up, but I don’t have the bitcoin and would have to mail a check. Would that be ok? We can talk this weekend if necessary, but if you want to propose your accounting for what would close out our agreement, please provide a slightly more detailed breakdown, and I’ll get a check in the mail ASAP.

In liberty,



On Sun, Jan 6, 2013 at 11:14 AM, Derrick J AVTM <> wrote:

Hey Adam,

I hope you are having a terrific weekend.

This is just a friendly reminder that payment for services rendered is important to me. If you aren’t able to pay me right away, can you please respond to one of these emails so that I know your received them?


Derrick J. Freeman


On Jan 5, 2013, at 10:04 AM, Derrick J Freeman <> wrote:

Hey Adam,

January 4th came and went. I hope all is well for you. This is just a friendly reminder that I am looking for a response to my email from Thursday (and payment). Thank you.

Yours in liberty,

Derrick J Freeman


On Jan 3, 2013, at 12:02 PM, Derrick J Freeman <> wrote:

Hey Adam!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas/New Year’s break. I know I got a lot of much-needed rest and am looking forward to another productive year.

2 things regarding $:

1) I just checked my Bitcoin wallet and found that I have not yet received the last 2 BTC as payment. (for cohosting / mixing boards). My bitcoin address is at the bottom of this email.

2) Tomorrow is the 4th of the month. (Month #2 revenue is due). I wrote for approximately 3 months of the show. My payment is calculated after each episode had aired for at least one month. January 4th would be the “maturity date” of episodes between Nov 4 – Dec 4. I accept Paypal, but Bitcoin is preferred. (This leaves Dec. 4-Dec 25th as the last payment which has not yet been delivered. It’s okay with me if you want to combine these.)

I don’t have the official calculations in front of me, but based on last month’s payment, I’m estimating that the total remaining amount which I am owed from AVTM is approximately 15 bitcoins. Maybe you can confirm if this is accurate or not, and then send me payment.

Thanks! It was fun working with you! Let me know if this is all good!

PayPal address:

Bitcoin address:  1LWbam6HqFWzo2sYHzhbJwiMTkk6Win17d

Yours in liberty,

Derrick J Freeman

AVTM Featured FR33MANTV Justice Networks News Peace Video

Review of Working with Adam Kokesh, OR: Getting Stiffed

It does not please me to make this video. I am making this video out of a sense of obligation. When I transact with an ebay seller, I leave feedback. This is how I believe free people are able to self-regulate. It is because reputation is so important to this idea of self-regulation among free people, that I feel compelled to make this video today.

I have had a negative, some might even call it fraudulent, transaction with Adam Kokesh, and I feel it would be unjust to those of you who may do business with Adam to keep this information to myself.

After the release of my documentary Victimless Crime Spree in the summer of 2012, I received a call on my cell phone from Adam Kokesh. I remember the call well because I was about to drive to the convenience store for a bite, and instead of driving with the phone, I sat in the driveway, watching the sun set as the conversation progressed.

After over an hour of discussion, Adam had described to me his vision of a “Libertarian answer to the Daily Show” starring Adam for his YouTube channel. For my part, he asked if I would be willing to compile a team of writers for this project and commit to at least 4 months of working 4-hour days of 4-day weeks. He explained that in exchange, I would receive half of the revenue generated from these videos in the first month of their airing, plus he would invite me to stay in a room at the AVTM studios. He explained that he anticipated approximately 100,000-200,000 views per episode, which he told me would work out to being paid approximately $250-$400 per week. On top of that, since I explained I am on an “Exile Tour” and focusing on my own projects, I would have weekends off to travel the country. He would even pay my fare to Herndon! (he didn’t).

Boy, this was fantastic! I committed right there at the end of that phone conversation, giving Adam what he called my “Verbal Handshake” on that agreement. Why should I have anything in writing? Adam is a stand-up guy, I thought. He must prefer this as a more efficient way to get things done. To make contracts on the fly and move on to the next productive endeavor. Boy, was I wrong.

I took great effort to comb the internet for writers interested in the “AVTM Newscast” project. I assembled a team of talented writers and worked with them to produce the show. Adam was very demanding of the writers. He promised pay but failed to deliver unless constantly reminded. Even then, he delayed payments. After a few weeks, all but 3 of the original 11 writers had dropped out of the project.

I was now the main writer for the show, often writing between 50-75% of the entire 20-minute episode on a daily basis. This took a considerable amount of my time and energy. I was working from 8:30AM often to 1AM, with breaks in between for meals, never able to leave the house because I was responsible for working on a 24-hour news cycle. “Working this hard and sacrificing food and sleep is worth it,” I told myself. “You’re producing a killer show, and it’s good for liberty.”

When I was on FreeTalkLive, Ian Freeman (the host) would plug my personal website at least twice per show. With Adam Kokesh’s newscast, however, I was not mentioned. I fought for weeks for some recognition, not just for me, but for my writing team who worked so hard to meet Adam’s challenging demands. After I successfully petitioned Adam for a 5-second credit roll at the end of the show, he told the editor behind my back to scrap the credit roll after just 2 episodes of use. I had to petition him again in front of the entire AVTM crew to put it back, and even then, he did so with reluctance.

After that week, the show ended suddenly with no announcement. Adam was changing his format. It was no longer a 20-minute show, it was a 5-minute show. And it wouldn’t be written by me or the writers, it would be written by John Light, Adam’s manager. 3 months into a 4-month commitment, I was suddenly no longer involved.

By this point, all of these promises Adam made to me had been broken except for my being able to live with him in Herndon, VA. Preferring a clean house, this was not a selling point for me.

9 weeks after the airing of the first episode, I demanded pay, however late. Adam said he calculated my share of the revenue from the videos I wrote and produced to be about $75, but he said he would “round up” to $80. That’s $80 for my first month of work.

Around this time, I confronted Adam about not following through with his end of our agreement. I had been faithful to him, I had produced like hell for him, I had withheld sleep and food for the sake of producing great content for his channel, and I was being ignored. This was no way to treat an employee, let alone a friend. This had become an abusive relationship. I decided to leave one month early.

Since leaving AVTM, I have emailed and texted reminders to Adam that I am owed my final paycheck. He asked me for an estimation of its value. I estimated that it should be $1,340. On January 11th, he said he was only able to pay $450 though he said, quote, “I think you’re worth a lot more than that,” and asked if I wanted to be paid in bitcoins. I was unhappy about this, seeing how little Adam apparently viewed my contributions to his channel. I made up my mind to learn from this experience and take what I could get as compensation for my lost labor hours. I told him I would accept the money in bitcoins.

$450 was equal to 35 bitcoins at that time, compensation for work performed during a month when the same amount would have purchased 40 bitcoins. I have been waiting for my bitcoins to arrive for a week, more than 2 weeks since I first brought the issue to light. My emails are ignored. I finished working with Adam over a month ago, and I am being ignored when I ask for the money he owes me. Not getting paid doesn’t just keep me from doing activism, it keeps me from eating!

Is Adam fallen on hard times? Let’s see. Is he refraining from spending money on doing what he wants to do? No. Tomorrow, he’s taking a plane to Las Vegas for the day, to appear as an extra in a movie.

That’s great that he can do all this “activism”, but until he has paid me what he owes he is doing it at my expense. He has taken advantage of me, plain and simple. He got my labor and then stiffed me. His avoidance of this basic obligation tells me that he must not care about the people with whom he works.

Let my experience serve as an admonition for all who wish to do business with Adam Kokesh in the future. He has violated contracts with me multiple times, and he has withheld payment from me. Until a proper remedy for this has been applied, I will not be engaging in transactions with Adam Kokesh. What YOU do is none of my business, but as he recruits for “interns,” you’ve been warned that Adam has not honored his agreements with me.

Blessings Featured Justice News Video



Earlier this month, we featured Ballantine’s tshirtOS, a programmable tee embedded with an ultra-thin LED screen that could pose some serious competition for your smart phone–it displays tweets and even takes pics and posts them to your Instagram feed. The idea was conceived out of wearable tech company CuteCircuit and agency Social Club, who debuted this new film, directed by Kim Gehrig, showing how fabulous and sci-fi life would be if this shirt actually went into mass production. The short plays out like a modern day Weird Science, featuring a geeky duo who get in on some serious nightlife adventures while showing off the tee’s potential–yes, karaoke makes an appearance–before they get caught in an unsavory situation.

TshirtOS, for now, is just a prototype, but if enough fans show their support for it on the tshirtOS Facebook page, Ballantine’s will look into making the product available for real.

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How To Get Bitcoin

What’s not to love about BitCoin? I use them in my daily life to trade for cannabis, car rides, food, or drinks. They’re divisible to the millionth decimal point and are free of transaction fees. Bitcoins are transferable online digitally or in person physically. But how do I get some? I made a video tutorial to guide new users (and a reference guide for the rest of us):