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HOT Cat-on-Cat Action | Freedom Feens

Derrick J, James Babb, and Michael W. Dean explain the post-pope-pocalypse, one-party consent blackmail states, cat rape, and how the hell are we gonna save Derrick J from the cult?????

Shall-issue nude gun carry with Derrick J.  (looks great in a suit!)

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Derrick and Dianna, night two of two | Freedom Feens | Aug 11, 2014

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Michael W. Dean is busy writing spec scripts for a “Three’s Company” reunion, so Dianna Keiler and Derrick J. Freeman fill in and plant a tree for hope in East St. Louis!

Dianna talks about libertarian motherhood, Derrick talks about his upcoming DVD “Victimless Crime Spree: Teheran” about his recent cop blocking trip to Iran. Then Derrick J. hangs up on Michael Dean on Michael’s own show, not once, but twice. After that, Derrick J. reveals that he and singer Natalie Merchant have been secretly happily married for nine years.

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