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Climbing Ben Nevis Naked – Freedom Feens

Derrick J Freeman and Dan Greene talk about nakedness in public as they summit to the top. Nipple equality event in NH backfires as statists clamor for more laws where previously none existed. Ben & Jerry’s makes a weed-infused ice cream. Defense Distributed releases another 3D-printed gun, but this time it is a semi-auto! Worms!

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So, a gay guy and a Scottish guy walk into a bar…


wormsMayChaseYou…and they miss each other because they forget to synchronize their watches or account for Daylight Savings Time. But the Freedom Feens are a freedom-scented candle you can just leave on in the corner of the room.

Derrick J and Dan Greene finally get on the radio together after a rocky start and yack about liberty, pizza, and why Morrissey is a bit of a fascist. A good time is had by all, except Michael Dean who was home listening and panicking for the first segment on his night off.

Derrick J and Dan Greene have an uncomfortable blind date over the air. They talk about politically-inclined pop stars, joke politicians, libertarian love, and why monarchs are the ultimate welfare queens.