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Introducing MAC – Mobile Accountability for Cops Tour | CopBlock Radio

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Cop Block RadioLast night on CopBlock Radio, Ademo Freeman and Brian Sumner joined us to share their newest adventure: traveling across the country in MAC (Mobile Accountability for Cops). They will be meeting up with CopBlock chapters in over a dozen states in the next seven months. Follow their adventures at

Derrick J, DEO, and Severin covered the week’s most important stories of police abuse and accountability featured on We started out with a video of two San Francisco cops chatting freely in a Happy Donut shop about how they plan to alter the video captured by their body-cams. Then they laugh about how their victim’s head explodes from their bullets. Ha-ha, right? Good thing one quick-thinking man surreptitiously recorded their disgusting conversation for all to hear.

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The Bitcoin (R)Evolution

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of listening to two of my favorite people, Roger Ver of and James Corbett of the Corbett Report Podcast talking about Voluntaryism and how Bitcoin can build the bridge to a future based on consensual interactions. The audio is excellent, and I was even flattered to hear that Roger even referenced me and my youtube videos with regard to Voluntaryism. Specifically, he was re-iterating my popular phrase regarding voting with your dollar:

“If Starbucks dropped bombs, I wouldn’t shop there. So why would I support the American Empire? The Empire does not require my consent.”

Their conversation ranges from Mises and Rothbard to Bitcoin and civil disobedience.

Click here to listen to the full audio discussion (28 mins)

Watch Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree Free Online:


(Full Movie)

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Fun on Freedom Feens

Today was my first time on the entertaining podcast “Freedom Feens” by Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi.   It’s a twice-a-week podcast, and this was their first-ever Live Call-in edition, which was exciting, being that my background is with a call-in show.  It was strange being on the other end of a call-in show, and I even embarrassed myself a bit by revealing that I wasn’t sure if I should mute the show while I spoke.  Even still, I had a wonderful time plugging the film, which both the hosts seemed to have enjoyed, and I look forward to making a return to the podcast in the near future.

Michael has also produced a documentary, called “Guns & Weed,” (two of my favorite things!) so he knows a bit about what goes into such a venture.  The interview went deeper into depth about the behind-the-scenes aspects of many entertaining scenes which had to be cut down for time and may have left the viewer with some questions.

For example, why were the female officers in Philadelphia telling me I couldn’t walk down the street where I lived?  Who was filming the crossing guard when she hit the camera?

I was on for about 15 minutes before I was booted in favor of another guest, but I guess it serves me right for not calling in right away.  I’ll learn my lesson next time!

The next radio show for which I am scheduled to appear as a guest is the Liberty Cap Radio Show Saturday night at 8pm.  I’ll keep everyone in the loop with a link to listen in as that date approaches.  For now, enjoy the podcast from this morning by following this link here.