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Introducing MAC – Mobile Accountability for Cops Tour | CopBlock Radio

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Cop Block RadioLast night on CopBlock Radio, Ademo Freeman and Brian Sumner joined us to share their newest adventure: traveling across the country in MAC (Mobile Accountability for Cops). They will be meeting up with CopBlock chapters in over a dozen states in the next seven months. Follow their adventures at

Derrick J, DEO, and Severin covered the week’s most important stories of police abuse and accountability featured on We started out with a video of two San Francisco cops chatting freely in a Happy Donut shop about how they plan to alter the video captured by their body-cams. Then they laugh about how their victim’s head explodes from their bullets. Ha-ha, right? Good thing one quick-thinking man surreptitiously recorded their disgusting conversation for all to hear.

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Podcast Posting Mania

I was recently asked to speak at the NJ Libertarian Party Convention. I used the time to visit family and take a bit of a vacation from podcasting. When I came back, I began uploading the backlog of podcasts I’ve neglected over the past month. I posted 14 episodes today! That’s over 20 hours of entertaining liberty talk! Pick something strange and enjoy!

Feb 12 –  Flaming Freedom – Government Handjobs, Teen BDSM, and Gay Anarchists


Feb 16 – Free Talk Live – Drop Out of School

Feb 18 – CopBlock Radio – Hundreds of Attorneys VS Bad Cops

Feb 19 – Flaming Freedom – The Irritating Part of a Twink

Feb 22 – Freedom Feens – Donk Down Radio Redemption

Feb 23 – Free Talk Live – Bitcoin Gambling Site Raided

Feb 25 – CopBlock Radio – Cop Pulls Gun on Peaceful Protestors

Feb 26 – Flaming Freedom – Taking a Huge Govt Dildo Up the Butt

March 2 – Free Talk Live – Activists Helping or Hurting Ross Ulbricht?

March 3 – Freedom Feens – Miss Piggy Goes to Hollywood

March 4 – CopBlock Radio – Justice For Africa Protest Against Killer Cops

March 5 – Flaming Freedom – Live at Liberty Forum 2015!

March 8 – Freedom Feens – So, a gay guy and a Scottish guy walk into a bar…